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Article in a Scientific Journal - peer-reviewed


Grevemeyer, I., Kopf, A. J., Fekete, N., Kaul, N., Villinger, H. W., Heesemann, M., Wallmann, K., Spieß, V., Gennerich, H. H., Müller, M. and Weinrebe, R. W. (2004) Fluid flow through active mud dome Mound Culebra offshore Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica: evidence from heat flow surveying Marine Geology, 207 . pp. 145-157. DOI 10.1016/j.margeo.2004.04.002.


Han, X., Suess, E., Sahling, H. and Wallmann, K. (2004) Fluid Venting Activity on the Costa Rica Margin: New Results from Authigenic Carbonates International Journal of Earth Sciences, 93 . pp. 596-611.


Hansen, K. and Wallmann, K. (2003) Cretaceous and Cenozoic evolution of seawater composition, atmospheric O2 and CO2: a model perspective American Journal of Science, 303 . pp. 94-148. DOI 10.2475/ajs.303.2.94.


Hensen, C., Wallmann, K., Schmidt, M., Ranero, C. R. and Suess, E. (2004) Fluid expulsion related to mud extrusion off Costa Rica - A window to the subduction slab Geology, 32 (2). pp. 201-204. DOI 10.1130/G20119.1.


Tishchenko, P., Hensen, C., Wallmann, K. and Wong, C. S. (2005) Calculation of the stability and solubility of methane hydrate in seawater Chemical Geology, 219 . pp. 37-25.


Wallmann, K. (2001) The geological water cycle and the evolution of marine δ 18O values Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 65 (15). pp. 2469-2485. DOI 10.1016/s0016-7037(01)00603-2.

Book chapter

Mörz, T., Fekete, N., Kopf, A. J., Brückmann, W., Kreitner, S., Hühnerbach, V., Masson, D. G., Hepp, D. A., Schmidt, M., Kutterolf, S., Sahling, H., Abegg, F., Spiess, V., Suess, E. and Ranero, C. R. (2005) Styles and productivity of mud diapirism along the Middle American Margin, Part II: Mound Culebra and Mounds 11 and 12 Mud volcanoes, geodynamics and seismicity. NATO science series : Series 4, Earth and environmental sciences, 51 . Springer, Dordrecht, pp. 49-76. ISBN 1-402-03203-X DOI 10.1007/1-4020-3204-8_5.

Conference presentation

Mörz, T., Brückmann, W., Wallmann, K. and Suess, E. (2003) Mound Culebra - an Example for Deep Sourced Mud Diapirism offshore Costa Rica [Talk] In: DMG-GV-DGG-Tagung GEO2003, 22.- 25.09.2003, Bochum, Germany.

Ranero, C., Weinrebe, R. W., Huguen, C., Sahling, H. and Wallmann, K. (2003) Relation between fluid flow and upper plate tectonics at erosional margins [Talk] In: DMG-GV-DGG-Tagung GEO2003, 22.- 25.09.2003, Bochum, Germany.

Schacht, U., Kutterolf, S., Schmidt, M., Wallmann, K. and Hensen, C. (2003) Solution and dissolution of major and trace elements in tephras from the Central American Subduction Zone [Talk] In: Joint Meeting and interdisciplinary perspective organized by the Deutsche Mineralogische Gesellschaft, the Geologische Vereinigung and the Deutsche Geophysikalische Gesellschaft, 22.- 25.09.2003, Bochum, Germany.

Schmidt, M., Mörz, T., Mau, S., Grevemeyer, I., Wallmann, K., Sahling, H. and Brückmann, W. (2003) Shallow surface methane hydrate associated with mud diapir Mound 11 in the Costa Rica fore arc zone " [Talk] In: EGS-AGU-EUG Joint Assembly, 06.- 11.04.2003, Nice, France.

Wallmann, K., Mau, S., Schacht, U., Deyhle, A., Schmidt, M., Garbe-Schönberg, C. D. and Suess, E. (2003) Fluid flow in sediments along the Costa Rican continental margin - quantification and origin of fluids [Talk] In: EGS-AGU-EUG Joint Assembly, 06.- 11.04.2003, Nice, France.

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