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Article in a Scientific Journal - peer-reviewed


Bredemeyer, S., Ulmer, F. G., Hansteen, T. and Walter, T. (2018) Radar Path Delay Effects in Volcanic Gas Plumes: The Case of Láscar Volcano, Northern Chile Remote Sensing, 10 (10). p. 1514. DOI 10.3390/rs10101514.


Helbig, C., Dransch, D., Böttinger, M., Devey, C., Haas, A., Hlawitschka, M., Kuenzer, C., Rink, K., Schäfer-Neth, C., Scheuermann, G., Kwasnitschka, T. and Unger, A. (2017) Challenges and strategies for the visual exploration of complex environmental data International Journal of Digital Earth, 10 (10). pp. 1070-1076. DOI 10.1080/17538947.2017.1327618.


Heuser, A., Frings-Meuthen, P., Rittweger, J. and Galer, S. J. G. (2019) Calcium Isotopes in Human Urine as a Diagnostic Tool for Bone Loss: Additional Evidence for Time Delays in Bone Response to Experimental Bed Rest Frontiers in Physiology, 10 (Article 12). DOI 10.3389/fphys.2019.00012.


Kauko, H. M., Fernandez-Mendez, M., Meyer, A., Rösel, A., Itkin, P., Graham, R. M. and Pavlov, A. K. (2020) The Future of the Arctic: What Does It Mean for Sea Ice and Small Creatures? Frontiers for Young Minds, 8 . Art.Nr. 97. DOI 10.3389/frym.2020.00097.


Kremser, S., Thomason, L. W., von Hobe, M., Hermann, M., Deshler, T., Timmreck, C., Toohey, M., Stenke, A., Schwarz, J. P., Weigel, R., Fueglistaler, S., Prata, F. J., Vernier, J. P., Schlager, H., Barnes, J. E., Antuña-Marrero, J. C., Fairlie, D., Palm, M., Mahieu, E., Notholt, J., Rex, M., Bingen, C., Vanhellemont, F., Bourassa, A., Plane, J. M. C., Klocke, D., Carn, S. A., Clarisse, L., Trickl, T., Neely, R., James, A. D., Rieger, L., Wilson, J. C. and Meland, B. (2016) Stratospheric aerosol - Observations, processes, and impact on climate Reviews of Geophysics, 54 (2). pp. 278-335. DOI 10.1002/2015RG000511.

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Maycock, A. C., Matthes, K., Tegtmeier, S., Schmidt, H., Thiéblemont, R., Hood, L., Bekki, S., Deushi, M., Jöckel, P., Kirner, O., Kunze, M., Marchand, M., Marsh, D. R., Michou, M., Revell, L. E., Rozanov, E., Stenke, A., Yamashita, Y. and Yoshida, K. (2018) The representation of solar cycle signals in stratospheric ozone. Part II: Analysis of global models Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 18 . pp. 11323-11343. DOI 10.5194/acp-18-11323-2018.

Conference paper


Wedler, A., Wilde, M., Reill, J., Schuster, M. J., Vayugundlaa, M., Brunner, S. G., Bussmann, K., Dömel, A., Drauschke, M., Gmeiner, H., Lehner, H., Lehner, P., Müller, M. G., Stürzl, W., Triebel, R., Vodermayer, B., Börner, A., Krenn, R., Dammann, A., Fiebig, U. C., Staudinger, E., Wenzhöfer, F., Flögel, S., Sommer, S., Asfour, T., Flad, M., Hohmann, S., Brandauer, M. and Albu-Schäffer, A. O. (2018) From single autonomous robots toward cooperative robotic interactions for future planetary exploration missions [Paper] In: 69. International Astronautical Congress (IAC), 01.-05.10.2018, Bremen, Germany.

Conference poster

De Vera, J. P. P., Baquac, M., Billi, D., Böttger, U., Bulat, S., Czupalla, M., Dachwald, B., De La Torre, R., Elsaesser, A., Foucher, F., Korsitzky, H., Kozyrovska, N., Läufer, A., Moeller, R., Olsson-Francis, K., Onofri, S., Sommer, S., Wagner, D. and Westall, F. (2018) The search for Life on Mars and in the Solar System - Strategies, Logistics and Infrastructures [Poster] In: 69. International Astronautical Congress (IAC), 01.-05.10.2018, Bremen, Germany.

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