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Article in a Scientific Journal - peer-reviewed


Graf, G., Gerlach, S. A., Linke, P., Queisser, W., Ritzrau, W., Scheltz, A., Thomsen, L. and Witte, U. (1995) Benthic-pelagic coupling in the Greenland-Norwegian Sea and its effect on the geological record Geologische Rundschau, 84 . pp. 49-58. DOI 10.1007/BF00192241.

Margheriti, L., Chiaraluce, L., Voisin, C., Cultrera, G., Govoni, A., Moretti, M., Bordoni, P., Luzi, L., Azzara, R., Valoroso, L., Di Stefano, R., Mariscal, A., Improta, L., Pacor, F., Milana, G., Mucciarelli, M., Parolai, S., Amato, A., Chiarabba, C., De Gori, P., Lucente, F. P., Di Bona, M., Pignone, M., Cecere, G., Criscuoli, F., Delladio, A., Lauciani, V., Mazza, S., Di Giulio, G., Cara, F., Augliera, P., Massa, M., D'Alema, E., Marzorati, S., Sobiesiak, M., Strollo, A., Duval, A. M., Dominique, P., Delouis, B., Paul, A., Husen, S. and Selvaggi, G. (2011) Rapid response seismic networks in Europe: lessons learnt from the L'Aquila earthquake emergency Annals of Geophysics, 54 (4). pp. 392-399. DOI 10.4401/ag-4953.

Rosell-Mele, A., Bard, E., Emeis, K. C., Grimalt, J. O., Muller, P., Schneider, R., Bouloubassi, I., Epstein, B., Fahl, K., Fluegge, A., Freeman, K., Goni, M., Guntner, U., Hartz, D., Hellebust, S., Herbert, T., Ikehara, M., Ishiwatari, R., Kawamura, K., Kenig, F., de Leeuw, J., Lehman, S., Mejanelle, L., Ohkouchi, N., Pancost, R. D., Pelejero, C., Prahl, F., Quinn, J., Rontani, J. F., Rostek, F., Rullkotter, J., Sachs, J., Blanz, T., Sawada, K., Schutz-Bull, D., Sikes, E., Sonzogni, C., Ternois, Y., Versteegh, G., Volkman, J. K. and Wakeham, S. (2001) Precision of the current methods to measure the alkenone proxy U(37)(K ') and absolute alkenone abundance in sediments: Results of an interlaboratory comparison study Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems, 2 . DOI 2000gc000141 10.1029/2000gc000141.

Article in a Scientific Journal - without review

Andruleit, H., Freiwald, A. and Schäfer, P. (1996) Bioclastic carbonate sediments on the southwestern Svalbard shelf Marine Geology, 134 (3-4). pp. 163-182. DOI 10.1016/0025-3227(96)00044-8.

Shao, L., Stattegger, K., Li, W. and Haupt, B. J. (1999) Depositional style and subsidence history of the Turpan Basin (NW China) Sedimentary Geology, 128 (1-2). pp. 155-169. DOI 10.1016/s0037-0738(99)00066-4.

Vital, H., Stattegger, K., Posewang, J. and Theilen, F. (1998) Lowermost Amazon River: morphology and shallow seismic characteristics Marine Geology, 152 (4). pp. 277-294. DOI 10.1016/s0025-3227(98)00099-1.

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