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Article in a Scientific Journal - peer-reviewed

Becker, F., van El, C. G., Ibarreta, D., Zika, E., Hogarth, S., Borry, P., Cambon-Thomsen, A., Cassiman, J. J., Evers-Kiebooms, G., Hodgson, S., Janssens, A., Kaariainen, H., Krawczak, M., Kristoffersson, U., Lubinski, J., Patch, C., Penchaszadeh, V. B., Read, A., Rogowski, W., Sequeiros, J., Tranebjaerg, L., van Langen, I. M., Wallace, H., Zimmern, R., Schmidtke, J. and Cornel, M. C. (2011) Genetic testing and common disorders in a public health framework: how to assess relevance and possibilities Background Document to the ESHG recommendations on genetic testing and common disorders European Journal of Human Genetics, 18 . S6-S44. DOI 10.1038/ejhg.2010.249.


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Seemanova, E., Varon, R., Vejvalka, J., Jarolim, P., Seeman, P., Chrzanowska, K. H., Digweed, M., Resnick, I., Kremensky, I., Saar, K., Hoffmann, K., Dutrannoy, V., Karbasiyan, M., Ghani, M., Baric, I., Tekin, M., Kovacs, P., Krawczak, M., Reis, A., Sperling, K. and Nothnagel, M. (2016) The Slavic NBN Founder Mutation: A Role for Reproductive Fitness? Plos One, 11 (12). DOI

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Stickel, F., Buch, S., Lau, K., Schwabedissen, H. M. Z., Berg, T., Ridinger, M., Rietschel, M., Schafmayer, C., Braun, F., Hinrichsen, H., Gunther, R., Arlt, A., Seeger, M., Muller, S., Seitz, H. K., Soyka, M., Lerch, M., Lammert, F., Sarrazin, C., Kubitz, R., Haussinger, D., Hellerbrand, C., Broring, D., Schreiber, S., Kiefer, F., Spanagel, R., Mann, K., Datz, C., Krawczak, M., Wodarz, N., Volzke, H. and Hampe, J. (2011) Genetic Variation in the PNPLA3 Gene Is Associated with Alcoholic Liver Injury in Caucasians Hepatology, 53 (1). pp. 86-95. DOI 10.1002/hep.24017.

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Article in a Scientific Journal - without review

Andersen, M. M., Caliebe, A., Jochens, A., Willuweit, S. and Krawczak, M. (2013) Estimating trace-suspect match probabilities for singleton Y-STR haplotypes using coalescent theory Forensic Science International-Genetics, 7 (2). pp. 264-271.

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