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Article in a Scientific Journal - peer-reviewed


Glogowski, S., Dullo, W. C., Feldens, P., Liebetrau, V., von Reumont, J., Hühnerbach, V., Krastel, S., Wynn, R. B. and Flögel, S. (2015) The Eugen Seibold coral mounds offshore western Morocco: oceanographic and bathymetric steering of a newly discovered cold-water coral province Geo-Marine Letters, 35 (4). pp. 257-269. DOI 10.1007/s00367-015-0405-7.


Hebbeln, D., Wienberg, C., Wintersteller, P., Freiwald, A., Becker, M., Beuck, L., Dullo, W. C., Eberli, G. P., Glogowski, S., Matos, L., Forster, N., Reyes-Bonilla, H. and Taviani, M. and MSM 20-4 shipboard scientific party (2014) Environmental forcing of the Campeche cold-water coral province, southern Gulf of Mexico Biogeosciences (BG), 11 . pp. 1799-1815. DOI 10.5194/bg-11-1799-2014.

Conference presentation

Krastel, S., Wynn, R. B., Feldens, P., Hühnerbach, V., Unverricht, D., Schürer, A., Glogowski, S. and Stevenson, C. (2014) High-resolution acoustic imaging in the Agadir-Canyon region, NW-Africa: Morphology, processes and geohazardS [Talk] In: AGU Fall Meeting 2014, 15.-19.12.2014, San Francisco, USA.

Conference poster

Glogowski, S., Dullo, W. C., Feldens, P., von Reumont, J., Hühnerbach, V., Krastel, S., Wynn, R. B. and Flögel, S. (2015) „The Eugen Seibold coral mounds“ offshore northwest Morocco: Oceanographic and bathymetric steering of a newly discovered cold-water coral province [Poster] In: EGU General Assembly 2015, 12.–17.04.2015 , Vienna, Austria.

Glogowski, S., Feldens, P., Hühnerbach, V., von Reumont, J., Krastel, S., Flögel, S., Dullo, C. and Wynn, R. B. (2014) Living cold water corals off Morocco: Water Masses and Bathymetry [Poster] In: GeoHab 2014, 05.-09.05.2014, Lorne, Victoria, Australia.

Thesis - not published by a publisher


Glogowski, S. (2017) Water mass dynamics around cold-water coral reefs in the North Atlantic (Doctoral thesis/PhD), Christian-Albrechts-Universität, Kiel, XXXVI, 175 pp

Report - Cruise Report


Krastel, S., Böttner, C., Cartigny, M., Feldens, P., Fu, L., Glogowski, S., Guggolz, T., Hellmann, S., Hühnerbach, V., Jähmlich, H., Kraus, K., Kretschmer, J., Matthew, D., Meier, D., Mücke, I., von Reumont, J., Schönke, M., Schürer, A. and Stevenson, C. (2014) Morphology, processes and geohazards of giant landslides in and around Agadir Canyon, northwest Africa - Cruise MSM32 - September 25 - October 30, 2013 - Bremen (Germany) - Cádiz (Spain) MARIA S. MERIAN-Berichte, MSM32 . DFG-Senatskommission für Ozeanographie, Bremen. DOI 10.2312/cr_msm32 .


Hebbeln, D., Wienberg, C., Beuck, L., Dehning, K., Dullo, C., Erberli, G., Freiwald, A., Glogowski, S., Garlichs, T., Jansen, F., Joseph, N., Klann, M., Matos, L., Nowald, N., Reyes Bonilla, H., Ruhland, G., Taviani, M., Wilke, T., Wisenack, M. and Wintersteller, P. (2012) Report and preliminary results of R/V MARIA S. MERIAN cruise MSM20-4. WACOM - West-Atlantic Cold-water Coral Ecosystem: The West Side Story, Bridgetown-Freeport, 14 March - 07 April 2012 Berichte aus dem MARUM und dem Fachbereich Geowissenschaften der Universität Bremen, 290 . UNSPECIFIED, Bremen.

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