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Article in a Scientific Journal - peer-reviewed

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Grant, H. L. J., Hannington, M. D., Hardardottir, V., Fuchs, S. H. J. and Schumann, D. (2020) Trace metal distributions in sulfide scales of the seawater-dominated Reykjanes geothermal system: Constraints on sub-seafloor hydrothermal mineralizing processes and metal fluxes Ore Geology Reviews, 116 (Article number 103145). DOI 10.1016/j.oregeorev.2019.103145.

Fuchs, S., Hannington, M. D. and Petersen, S. (2019) Divining gold in seafloor polymetallic massive sulfide systems Mineralium Deposita, 54 (6). pp. 789-820. DOI 10.1007/s00126-019-00895-3.

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Grant, H. L. J., Hannington, M. D., Petersen, S., Frische, M. and Fuchs, S. H. J. (2018) Constraints on the behavior of trace elements in the actively-forming TAG deposit, Mid-Atlantic Ridge, based on LA-ICP-MS analyses of pyrite Chemical Geology, 498 . pp. 45-71. DOI 10.1016/j.chemgeo.2018.08.019.


Gartman, A., Hannington, M. D., Jamieson, J. W., Peterkin, B., Garbe-Schönberg, D., Findlay, A. J., Fuchs, S. and Kwasnitschka, T. (2018) Boiling-induced formation of colloidal gold in black smoker hydrothermal fluids Geology, 46 (1). pp. 39-42. DOI 10.1130/G39492.1.

Fuchs, S. H. J., Schumann, D., Williams-Jones, A. E., Murray, A. J., Couillard, M., Lagarec, K., Phaneuf, M. W. and Vali, H. (2017) Gold and uranium concentration by interaction of immiscible fluids (hydrothermal and hydrocarbon) in the Carbon Leader Reef, Witwatersrand Supergroup, South Africa Precambrian Research, 293 . pp. 39-55. DOI 10.1016/j.precamres.2017.03.007.

Conference presentation

Grant, H., Hannington, M. D., Fuchs, S. and Hardardottir, V. (2019) Constraints on sub-seafloor hydrothermal mineralising processes and metal fluxes using deep sulphide-rich scales from the Reykjanes geothermal system, Iceland [Talk] In: 15. Biennial Meeting of the Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits, 27.-30.08.2019, Glasgow, United Kingdom.


Fuchs, S., Schumann, D., Petersen, S., Schwarz-Schampera, U. and Hannington, M. D. (2019) From the deposit to the nano-scale: Advancing our understanding of gold ore-formation [Talk] In: Goldschmidt Conference 2019, 18.-23.08.2019, Barcelona, Spain.

Fuchs, S., Hannington, M. D. and Petersen, S. (2018) Geochemical controls on the concentration and distribution of gold and silver in seafloor massive sulfide deposits [Talk] In: Goldschmidt Conference 2018, 12.08.-17.08.2018, Boston, USA.

Conference poster

Fuchs, S., Petersen, S. and Hannington, M. D. (2018) Novel analytical approaches towards the metallogeny, mineralogy and geometallurgy of precious and rare metals in seafloor massive sulfide deposits [Poster] In: Ocean-Climate-Sustainability Research Frontiers Science Conference, 22.10.-23.10.2018, Berlin, Germany.

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