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Article in a Scientific Journal - peer-reviewed

Rausch, P., Rühlemann, M., Hermes, B. M., Doms, S., Dagan, T., Dierking, K., Domin, H., Fraune, S., von Frieling, J., Hentschel, U., Heinsen, F. A., Höppner, M., Jahn, M. T., Jaspers, C., Kissoyan, K. A. B., Langfeldt, D., Rehman, A., Reusch, T. B. H., Roeder, T., Schmitz, R. A., Schulenburg, H., Soluch, R., Sommer, F., Stukenbrock, E., Weiland-Bräuer, N., Rosenstiel, P., Franke, A., Bosch, T. and Baines, J. F. (2019) Comparative analysis of amplicon and metagenomic sequencing methods reveals key features in the evolution of animal metaorganisms Microbiome, 7 (1). Art.Nr. 133. DOI 10.1186/s40168-019-0743-1.


Pita, L., Rix, L., Slaby, B. M., Franke, A. and Hentschel, U. (2018) The sponge holobiont in a changing ocean: from microbes to ecosystems Microbiome, 6 (1). Art.Nr. 46. DOI 10.1186/s40168-018-0428-1.


Franke, A., Clemmesen, C., De Schryver, P., Garcia-Gonzalez, L., Miest, J. J. and Roth, O. (2017) Immunostimulatory effects of dietary poly-β-hydroxybutyrate in European sea bass postlarvae Aquaculture Research, 48 (12). pp. 5707-5717. DOI 10.1111/are.13393.


Franke, A., Roth, O., Schryver, P. D., Bayer, T., Garcia-Gonzalez, L., Künzel, S., Bossier, P., Miest, J. J. and Clemmesen, C. (2017) Poly-β-hydroxybutyrate administration during early life: effects on performance, immunity and microbial community of European sea bass yolk-sac larvae Scientific Reports, 7 (1). Art.No. 15022. DOI 10.1038/s41598-017-14785-z.

Flachsbart, F., Dose, J., Gentschew, L., Geismann, C., Caliebe, A., Knecht, C., Nygaard, M., Badarinarayan, N., ElSharawy, A., May, S., Luzius, A., Torres, G. G., Jentzsch, M., Forster, M., Häesler, R., Pallauf, K., Lieb, W., Derbois, C., Galan, P., Drichel, D., Arlt, A., Till, A., Krause-Kyora, B., Rimbach, G., Blanché, H., Deleuze, J. F., Christiansen, L., Christensen, K., Nothnagel, M., Rosenstiel, P., Schreiber, S., Franke, A., Sebens, S. and Nebel, A. (2017) Identification and characterization of two functional variants in the human longevity gene FOXO3 Nature Communications, 8 (1). DOI 10.1038/s41467-017-02183-y.

Petereit, C., Hinrichsen, H. H., Franke, A. and Köster, F. W. (2014) Floating along buoyancy levels: Dispersal and survival of western Baltic fish eggs Progress in Oceanography, 122 . pp. 131-152. DOI 10.1016/j.pocean.2014.01.001.

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Franke, A. and Clemmesen, C. (2011) Effect of ocean acidification on early life stages of Atlantic herring (Clupea harengus L.) Biogeosciences (BG), 8 . pp. 3697-3707. DOI 10.5194/bg-8-3697-2011.

Article in a Scientific Journal - without review


Clemmesen, C., Frommel, A., Maneja, R., Franke, A., Piatkowski, U. and Reusch, T. B. H. (2012) Ocean acidification affects early life st ages of heavily explo ited fish IFM-GEOMAR Annual Report, 2011 . pp. 30-31.

Book chapter


Slaby, B. M., Franke, A., Rix, L., Pita, L., Bayer, K., Jahn, M. T. and Hentschel, U. (2019) Marine Sponge Holobionts in Health and Disease Symbiotic Microbiomes of Coral Reefs Sponges and Corals. Springer Netherlands, Dordrecht, Netherlands, pp. 81-104. ISBN 978-94-024-1610-7 DOI 10.1007/978-94-024-1612-1_7.

Conference presentation

Petereit, C., Franke, A., Dewitz, B., Kraus, G., Clemmesen, C., Köster, F. W., Nyberg, S. and Hinrichsen, H. H. (2016) Egg buoyancy measurements of Baltic Sea fish – Method & Application [Invited talk] In: Joint Seminar Series Institute of Hydrobiology and Fishery Science University of Hamburg and Thünen Institute for Sea Fisheries, 08.07.2016, Hamburg, Germany.

Petereit, C., Franke, A. and Hinrichsen, H. H. (2012) Effects of sediments on commercially important fish eggs and pre-feeding larval stage [Talk] In: Kiel Young Scientists Conference - Environment and Anthroposphere, 01.10.2012, Kiel, Germany.

Petereit, C., Franke, A. and Hinrichsen, H. H. (2012) Effects of suspended sediments on eggs and yolk-sac larvae of commercially important fish species [Talk] In: ICES/PICES Conference of Early Career Scientists - Ocean of Change, 24.4.2012, Mallorca, Spain.

Franke, A. (2012) Probiotics as dietary supplements for fish larvae in aquaculture [Talk] In: LARVITA 2012 Training School “Biological basis for improving fish larvae quality”, 05.-07.12.2012, Faro, Portugal.

Clemmesen, C., Frommel, A., Franke, A., Maneja, R., Lowe, D., Geffen, A., Folkvord, A., Malzahn, A., Schubert, A. S. and Piatkowski, U. (2011) How do commercially important fish species cope with ocean acidification? [Talk] In: 35. Annual Larval Fish Conference, 22.-26.05.2011, Wilmington, NC, USA.

Bleich, M., Melzner, F., Hiebenthal, C., Mempel, H., Schulz, K., Riebesell, U., Wahl, M., Sommer, F., Sommer, U., Form, A., Piatkowski, U., Hanel, R., Piepenburg, D., Spindler, M., Eisenhauer, A., Franke, A., Möller, V., Baumert, G. A. and Clemmesen, C. (2008) Kiel CO2 manipulation experimental facility (KICO2) [Talk] In: Second Symposium on The Ocean in a High-CO2 World, 06.-09.10, Monaco.

Conference poster


Franke, A., Roth, O., Schryver, P. d. and Clemmesen, C. (2015) Does poly-ß-hydroxybutyrate stimulate the immune system of European sea bass larvae? [Poster] In: Aquaculture Europe Conference 2015, 20.-23.10.2015, Rotterdam, Netherlands.


Franke, A., Roth, O., de Schryver, P. and Clemmesen, C. (2015) Immune stimulation in European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) larvae by administration of Poly-ß-hydroxybutyrate (PHB) [Poster] In: 17. International Conference on Diseases of Fish and Shellfish (EAFP), 07.-11.09.2015, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria.

Franke, A., Roth, O., Bossier, P. and Clemmesen, C. (2013) Early stimulation of the immune system of an important aquaculture fish species: PROBIOTIC APPLICATION IN EUROPEAN SEA BASS LARVAE [Poster] In: 1. International Conference of Fish and Shellfish Immunology, 25.-28.06.2013, Vigo, Spain.


Franke, A., Roth, O. and Clemmesen, C. (2012) Probiotics and immunostimulants as nutritional supplements for fish larvae in aquaculture [Poster] In: Promicrobe PhD Course and Training school "Microbial community management in aquaculture", 20.-22.08.2012, Ghent, Belgien.

Peschutter, J., Franke, A. and Petereit, C. (2008) Growth, RNA/DNA ratio and prey of juvenile garfish (Belone belone) from Kiel Fjord, Baltic Sea - Coupling experiments with field observations [Poster] In: 32nd Annual Larval Fish Conference, 04.-07.08, Kiel.

Clemmesen, C. and Franke, A. (2008) The effect of pCO2 on the egg development and the condition of newly-hatched larvae of Atlantic herring (Clupea harengus L.) [Poster] In: Second Symposium on The Ocean in a High-CO2 World, 06.-09.10, Monaco.

Franke, A., Krug, S. and Clemmesen, C. (2008) The effect of pCO2 on the egg development and the condition of newly-hatched larvae of Atlantic herring [Poster] In: 32nd Annual Larval Fish Conference, 04.-07.08, Kiel.

Thesis - not published by a publisher


Franke, A. (2016) Immunostimulation in Early Life Stages of European Sea Bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) (Doctoral thesis/PhD), Christian-Albrechts-Universität Kiel, Kiel, Germany, 143 pp

Report - internal report

Petereit, C. and Franke, A. (2011) Density measurements of flatfish eggs Data Report FeBEC in cooperation with Orbicon A/S and DTU Aqua . UNSPECIFIED.

Petereit, C. and Franke, A. (2010) ATR Sediment Dose-Response Study Data report FeBEC . UNSPECIFIED.

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