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Article in a Scientific Journal - peer-reviewed


Krahmann, G., Papenberg, C., Brandt, P. and Vogt, M. (2009) Evaluation of seismic reflector slopes with a Yoyo-CTD Geophysical Research Letters, 36 . L00D02. DOI 10.1029/2009GL038964.

Report - Cruise Report


Frank, M., Abouchami, W., Alexander, B., Balzer, W., Barnes, C., Camara-Mor, P., Ehlert, C., Fichtner, V., Fischer, M., Galer, S., Goldstein, F., Hagenow, A., Haynert, K., Heinze, J., Masque, P., Merschel, G., Koschinsky, A., Kraft, S., Kretschmer, K., Kretschmer, S., Lorenzen, J., Ostendorf, M., Poehle, S., Roth, C., Staubwasser, M., Stumpf, R., Tang, X., Teschner, C., Truscheit, T., Vogt, M. and Zieringer, M. (2013) Trace Metals and Their Isotopes in the Tropical Atlantic Ocean - Cruise No. M81/1, February 04 – March 08, 2010, Las Palmas (Canary Islands, Spain) – Port of Spain (Trinidad & Tobago) METEOR-Berichte, M81/1 . DFG-Senatskommission für Ozeanographie, Bremen. DOI 10.2312/cr_m81_1.


Brandt, P., Alevara Martinez, D., Dengler, M., Didwischus, S. H., Funk, A., Hahn, J., Hogue, B., Kemena, T., Kock, A., Krahmann, G., Martens, W., Martogli, N., Müller, M., Niehus, G., Papenburg, U., Pinck, A., Rother, K., Schlundt, M., Schütte, F., Tippenhauer, S., Vogt, M. and Zantopp, R. J. (2012) Physical and Biogeochemical Studies in the Subtropical and Tropical Atlantic Maria S. Merian-Berichte . DFG Senatskommission für Ozeanographie, Hamburg, Germany.

Report - other report


Rosenthal, H., Gollasch, S. and Vogt, M., eds . (1999) Testing Monitoring Systems for Risk Assessment of Harmful Introductions by Ships to European Waters Institut für Meereskunde an der Universität Kiel, Kiel, Germany.

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