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Article in a Scientific Journal - peer-reviewed

Bahr, A., Hoffmann, J., Schönfeld, J., Schmidt, M. W., Nürnberg, D., Batenburg, S. J. and Voigt, S. (2018) Low-latitude expressions of high-latitude forcing during Heinrich Stadial 1 and the Younger Dryas in northern South America Global and Planetary Change, 160 . pp. 1-9. DOI 10.1016/j.gloplacha.2017.11.008.


Karas, C., Nürnberg, D., Bahr, A., Groeneveld, J., Herrle, J. O., Tiedemann, R. and deMenocal, P. B. (2017) Pliocene oceanic seaways and global climate Scientific Reports, 7 (39842). DOI 10.1038/srep39842.


Bahr, A., Schönfeld, J., Hoffmann, J., Voigt, S., Aurahs, R., Kucera, M., Flögel, S., Jentzen, A. and Gerdes, A. (2013) Comparison of Ba/Ca and as freshwater proxies: A multi-species core-top study on planktonic foraminifera from the vicinity of the Orinoco River mouth Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 383 . pp. 45-57. DOI 10.1016/j.epsl.2013.09.036.


Bahr, A., Nürnberg, D., Schönfeld, J. and Garbe-Schönberg, D. (2011) Hydrological variability in Florida Straits during Marine Isotope Stage 5 cold events Paleoceanography, 26 (2). PA2214. DOI 10.1029/2010PA002015.


Bahr, A., Pape, T., Abegg, F., Bohrmann, G., van Weering, T. and Ivanov, M. K. (2010) Authigenic carbonates from the eastern Black Sea as an archive for shallow gas hydrate dynamics – results from the combination of CT imaging with mineralogical and stable isotope analyses Marine and Petroleum Geology, 27 (9). pp. 1819-1829. DOI 10.1016/j.marpetgeo.2010.08.005.


Pape, T., Kasten, S., Zabel, M., Bahr, A., Abegg, F., Hohnberg, H. J. and Bohrmann, G. (2010) Gas hydrates in shallow deposits of the Amsterdam mud volcano, Anaximander Mountains, Northeastern Mediterranean Sea Geo-Marine Letters, 30 (3-4). pp. 187-206. DOI 10.1007/s00367-010-0197-8.

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Kujau, A., Nürnberg, D., Zielhofer, C., Bahr, A. and Röhl, U. (2010) Mississippi River discharge over the last ~560,000years — Indications from X-ray fluorescence core-scanning Palaeogeography Palaeoclimatology Palaeoecology, 298 . pp. 311-318. DOI 10.1016/j.palaeo.2010.10.005.


Pape, T., Bahr, A., Rethemeyer, J., Kessler, J. D., Sahling, H., Hinrichs, K. U., Klapp, S. A., Reeburgh, W. S. and Bohrmann, G. (2010) Molecular and isotopic partitioning of low-molecular-weight hydrocarbons during migration and gas hydrate precipitation in deposits of a high-flux seepage site Chemical Geology, 269 (3/4). pp. 350-363. DOI 10.1016/j.chemgeo.2009.10.009.


Bahr, A., Pape, T., Bohrmann, G., Mazzini, A., Haeckel, M., Reitz, A. and Ivanov, M. (2009) Authigenic carbonate precipitates from the NE Black Sea: a mineralogical, geochemical, and lipid biomarker study International Journal of Earth Sciences, 98 (3). pp. 677-695. DOI 10.1007/s00531-007-0264-1.


Kwiecien, O., Arz, H. W., Lamy, F., Plessen, B., Bahr, A. and Haug, G. H. (2009) North Atlantic control on precipitation pattern in the eastern Mediterranean/Black Sea region during the last glacial Quaternary Research, 71 . pp. 375-384. DOI 10.1016/j.yqres.2008.12.004.


Sahling, H., Bohrmann, G., Artemov, Y. G., Bahr, A., Brüning, M., Klapp, S. A., Klaucke, I., Kozlova, E., Nikolovska, A., Pape, T., Reitz, A. and Wallmann, K. (2009) Vodyanitskii mud volcano, Sorokin trough, Black Sea: geological characterization and quantification of gas bubble streams Marine and Petroleum Geology, 26 (9). pp. 1799-1811. DOI 10.1016/j.marpetgeo.2009.01.010.


Kwiecien, O., Arz, H. W., Lamy, F., Wulf, S., Bahr, A., Röhl, U. and Haug, G. H. (2008) Estimated reservoir ages of the Black Sea since the last Glacia Radiocarbon, 50 (1). pp. 99-118. DOI 10.1017/S0033822200043393.

Book chapter


Nürnberg, D., Bahr, A., Mildner, T. C. and Eden, C. (2015) Loop Current variability - its relation to meridional overturning circulation and the impact of Mississippi discharge Integrated Analysis of Interglacial Climate Dynamics (INTERDYNAMIC). Springer Briefs in Earth System Sciences . Springer, Cham, pp. 55-62. ISBN 978-3-319-00692-5 DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-00693-2_10.


Bahr, A., Bohrmann, G. and Teichert, B. M. A. (2008) Data report: bulk mineralogical composition of Cascadia margin sediments, IODP Expedition 311 Cascadia Margin Gas Hydrates. Proceedings of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program, 311 . Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Management International, Washington, DC. DOI 10.2204/iodp.proc.311.201.2008.

Conference presentation

Bahr, A., Nürnberg, D., Schönfeld, J. and Garbe-Schönberg, C. D. (2009) Abrupt intermediate water mass reconfiguration in the Florida Straits during MIS 5 recorded with combined forminiferal Mg/Ca and δ18O measurements [Talk] In: 99. Annual Meeting of the Geologische Vereinigung, 05.10.-07.10, Göttingen.

Sahling, H., Bohrmann, G., Artemov, Y., Bahr, A., Brüning, M., Klapp, S. A., Klaucke, I., Kozlova, E., Nikolovska, A., Pape, T., Reitz, A. and Wallmann, K. (2009) Gas bubble streams at Vodyanitskii Mud Volcano, Sorokin Trough, Black Sea [Talk] In: 9. International Conference on Gas in Marine Sediments, 15.090.-19.09, Bremen.

Bohrmann, G., Bahr, A., Brüning, M., Gassner, A., Kasten, S., Klapp, S. A., Nasir, M., Pape, T., Spieß, V., Rethemeyer, J., Rossel, P., Sahling, H., Thomanek, K., Yoshinga, M. and Zonneveld, K. (2009) Highly variable seep systems along the Makran subduction zone - influence from the accretionary wedge structure and the oxygen minimum zone [Talk] In: 9. International Conference on Gas in Marine Sediments, 15.09.-19.09, Bremen.

Pape, T., Bahr, A., Kessler, J. D., Abegg, F., Klapp, S. A. and Bohrmann, G. (2009) Light hydrocarbons in gas-hydrate-bearing shallow deposits of high-flux seepage site in the eastern Black Sea [Talk] In: 99. Annual Meeting of the Geologische Vereinigung, 05.10.-07.10, Göttingen.

Pape, T., Bahr, A., Abegg, F., Hohnberg, H. J., Klapp, S. A. and Bohrmann, G. (2009) Shallow gas hydrates in an eastern Black Sea high intensity gas seepage area - quantification by autoclave technology [Talk] In: 9. International Conference on Gas in Marine Sediments, 15.09.-19.09, Bremen.

Conference poster


Reißig, S., Nürnberg, D., Poggemann, D. W., Hathorne, E., Frank, M., Bahr, A. and Hoffmann, J. (2017) The Intermediate Depth Tropical Atlantic Ocean - delayed response to deglacial AMOC perturbations and Subtropical Gyre dynamics [Poster] In: POF-Evaluierung GEOMAR, 04.-06.10.2017, Kiel, Germany.

Reißig, S., Nürnberg, D., Bahr, A., Hoffmann, J. and Poggemann, D. W. (2016) Subtropical W-Atlantic subsurface warming during deglacial times of reduced Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation [Poster] In: 12. International Conference on Paleoceanography (ICP12), 28.08.-02.09.2016, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Hoffmann, J., Bahr, A., Voigt, S., Schönfeld, J. and Nürnberg, D. (2014) Abrupt Late Pleistocene Changes in Northern South American River Run-Off [Poster] In: AGU Fall Meeting 2014, 15.-19.12.2014, San Francisco, USA.

Karas, C., Nürnberg, D., Tiedemann, R., Bahr, A. and Herrle, J. (2014) Interhemispheric Climatic Effects from Pliocene Contrictions of Tropical Oceanic Seaways [Poster] In: AGU Fall Meeting 2014, 15.-19.12.2014, San Francisco, USA.

Nürnberg, D., Kujau, A., Bahr, A. and Karas, C. (2012) Mississippi paleo-freshwater discharge into the northern Gulf of Mexico and related Loop Current dynamics - results from IODP Site U1319A, RV METEOR and IMAGES cores [Poster] In: Gemeinsames IODP/ICDP Kolloquium 2012, 07.-09.03.2012, Kiel.

Nürnberg, D., Kujau, A., Rieken, S., Bahr, A., Karas, C. and Ziegler, M. (2011) Mississippi freshwater discharge and terrigenous sediment supply into the northern Gulf of Mexico and Loop Current dynamics over glacial/interglacial changes [Poster] In: AGU Fall Meeting 2011, 05.12.-09.12.2011, San Francisco, California, USA.

Jung, C., Nürnberg, D., Bahr, A. and Garbe-Schönberg, C. D. (2009) Northeastern Gulf of Mexico intermediate water variability over the last 22,000 years [Poster] In: GV-Jahrestagung, 05.-07.10, Göttingen.

Report - Cruise Report


Bahr, A., Spadano Albuquerque, A. L., Ardenghi, N., Batenburg, S. J., Bayer, M., Catunda, M. C., Conforti, A., Dias, B., Dias Ramos, R., Egger, L. M., Evers, F., Fischer, T., Hatsukano, K., Hennrich, B., Hoffmann, J., Jivcov, S., Kusch, S., Munz, P., Niedermeyer, E., Osborne, A., Raddatz, J., Raeke, A. W., Reissig, S., Sebastian, U., Taniguchi, N. and Martins Venancio, I. (2016) South American Hydrological Balance and Paleoceanography during the Late Pleistocene and Holocene (SAMBA) – Cruise No. M125, March 21 – April 15, 2016 - Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) – Fortaleza (Brazil) METEOR-Berichte, M125 . DFG-Senatskommission für Ozeanographie, Bremen. DOI 10.2312/cr_m125.

Schönfeld, J., Bahr, A., Bannert, B., Bayer, A. S., Bayer, M., Beer, C., Blanz, T., Dullo, W. C., Flögel, S., Garlichs, T., Haley, B. A., Hübscher, C., Joseph, N., Kucera, M., Langenbacher, J., Nürnberg, D., Ochsenhirt, W. T., Petersen, A., Pulm, P., Titschack, J. and Troccoli, L. and Senatskommission für Ozeanographie der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft, MARUM – Zentrum für Marine Umweltwissenschaften der Universität Bremen (2011) Surface and Intermediate Water hydrography, planktonic and benthic biota in the Caribbean Sea – Climate, Bio and Geosphere linkages (OPOKA) : [Meteor] Cruise No. 78, Leg 1 [M78/1], February 22 – March 28, 2009, Colón (Panama) – Port of Spain (Trinidad and Tobago) Meteor-Berichte, 11-6 . Leitstelle Meteor, Institut für Meereskunde der Universität Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany. DOI 10.3289/cr_m78_1.

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