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Article in a Scientific Journal - peer-reviewed


Popp, T., Kern, H. and Schulze, O. (2001) Evolution of dilatancy and permeability in rock salt during hydrostatic compaction and triaxial deformation Journal of Geophysical Research - Solid Earth, 106 (B3). pp. 4061-4078. DOI 10.1029/2000jb900381.

Article in a Scientific Journal - without review

Golovataya, O. S., Gorbatsevich, F. F., Kern, H. and Popp, T. (2006) Properties of some rocks from the section of the Kola ultradeep borehole as a function of the P-T parameters Izvestiya-Physics of the Solid Earth, 42 (11). pp. 865-876. DOI 10.1134/s1069351306110012.

Ullemeyer, K. and Popp, T. (2004) Evaluation of the elastic moduli from combined spherical and triaxial experimental data: Application to a gneiss sample Geophysical Research Letters, 31 (11). DOI L1160710.1029/2004gl020027.

Gorbatsevich, F. F., Golovataya, O. S., Il'chenko, V. L., Smirnov, Y. P., Kern, H., Popp, T., Smithson, S., Ai, E. and Christensen, N. (2002) Elastic properties of Kola overdeep borehole (SG-3) samples determined under atmospheric and in situ conditions Izvestiya-Physics of the Solid Earth, 38 (7). pp. 576-584.

Liu, B., Wang, B. S., Ji, W. G., Kern, H. and Popp, T. (2001) Closure of microcracks in rock samples under confining pressure Chinese Journal of Geophysics - Chinese Edition, 44 (3). pp. 421-428.

Schulze, O., Popp, T. and Kern, H. (2001) Development of damage and permeability in deforming rock salt Engineering Geology, 61 (2-3). pp. 163-180. DOI 10.1016/s0013-7952(01)00051-5.

Gao, S., Kern, H., Jin, Z. M., Popp, T., Jin, S. Y., Zhang, H. F. and Zhang, B. R. (2001) Poisson's ratio of eclogite: the role of retrogression Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 192 (4). pp. 523-531. DOI 10.1016/s0012-821x(01)00484-8.

Kern, H., Popp, T., Gorbatsevich, F., Zharikov, A., Lobanov, K. V. and Smirnov, Y. P. (2001) Pressure and temperature dependence of VP and VS in rocks from the superdeep well and from surface analogues at Kola and the nature of velocity anisotropy Tectonophysics, 338 (2). pp. 113-134. DOI 10.1016/s0040-1951(01)00128-7.

Popp, T. and Kern, H. (2000) Monitoring the state of microfracturing in rock salt during deformation by combined measurements of permeability and P- and S- wave velocities Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, Part A: Solid Earth and Geodesy, 25 (2). pp. 149-154. DOI 10.1016/s1464-1895(00)00024-7.

Popp, T. and Kern, H. (1998) Ultrasonic wave velocities, gas permeability and porosity in natural and granular rock salt Physics and Chemistry of The Earth, 23 (3). pp. 373-378. DOI 10.1016/s0079-1946(98)00040-8.

Liu, B., Kern, H. and Popp, T. (1997) Attenuation and velocities of P- and S-waves in dry and saturated crystalline and sedimentary rocks at ultrasonic frequencies Physics and Chemistry of The Earth, 22 (1-2). pp. 75-79. DOI 10.1016/s0079-1946(97)00081-5.

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