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Article in a Scientific Journal - peer-reviewed

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Karstensen, J. and Lorbacher, K. (2011) A practical indicator for surface ocean heat and freshwater buoyancy fluxes and its application to the NCEP reanalysis data Tellus Series A: Dynamic meteorology and oceanography , 63 . pp. 338-347. DOI 10.1111/j.1600-0870.2011.00510.x.


Lorbacher, K., Dommenget, D., Niiler, P. P. and Köhler, A. (2006) Ocean mixedlayer depth: A subsurface proxy for ocean-atmosphere variability Journal of Geophysical Research - Oceans, 111 . C07010. DOI 10.1029/2003JC002157.

Conference presentation

Lorbacher, K., Dengg, J., Böning, C. W., Visbeck, M., Karstensen, J. and Neumann, U. (2008) Manifestation of oceanic mass transport changes in sea surface height and ocean bottom pressure changes - simulations and observations [Talk] In: 2. SPP1257-Kolloquium, 06.-08.10, München.

Stammer, D., Köhler, A., Siegismund, F., Romanova, V., Böning, C. W., Dengg, J., Karstensen, J., Lorbacher, K., Neumann, U. and Visbeck, M. (2007) Combined Ocean-Geodetic Analysis of Global and Regional Ocean Mass-, and Freshwater Transport Divergences [Talk] In: Joint International Symposium: GRACE Science Team Meeting (GSTM) + DFG-SPP Symposium, 15.-17.10, Potsdam.

Böning, C. W., Biastoch, A., Scheinert, M. and Lorbacher, K. (2005) Dekadische Variabilität im Golfstromsystem aus hochauflösenden Modellrechnungen [Other] In: Kolloquium, 12.12, Bonn.

Conference poster

Lorbacher, K. and Dengg, J. (2007) Manifestation of long-term trends of the thermohaline circulation in sea surface height and ocean bottom pressure fields - Results of a model process study [Poster] In: Colloquium of the priority program "Mass Transport and Mass Distribution in the Earth System", 15.10, Potsdam.

Neumann, U., Karstensen, J., Lorbacher, K., Visbeck, M. and Kanzow, T. (2007) Oceanic Mass Transport in the Atlantic at 16°N and 26.5°N [Poster] In: Joint International Symposium: GRACE Science Team Meeting + DFG-SPP Symposium, 15.-17.10, Potsdam.

Report - Cruise Report


Zenk, W., Afghan, J., Bannert, B., Bleischwitz, M., Bulsiewicz, K., Cannaby, H., Csernok, T., Dombrowsky, U., Friis, K., Fürhaupter, K., Greinert, J., Hauser, J., Karl, G., Lorbacher, K., Lüger, H., Malien, F., Marzeion, B., Müller, T. J., Niehus, G., Nielsen, M., Ochsenhirt, W. T., Schafstall, J., Steinfeldt, R. and Steinhoff, T. (2002) North Atlantic 2001 - Part 4 Cruise No. 50, Leg 4 16 July – 12 August 2001, Reykjavik – Hamburg Meteor-Berichte, 02-2 . UNSPECIFIED.

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