A survey of spliceosomal proteins encoded by fungal genomes

Sarde, Sandeep J., Kempken, Frank and Kumar, Abhishek (2018) A survey of spliceosomal proteins encoded by fungal genomes Current Science, 114 (8). pp. 1677-1686.

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A large number of spliceosomal proteins are required for proper RNA splicing. While spliceosomal proteins from several model organisms have been analyzed, only limited studies are available for fungal species. Hence, we have performed a comparative genomic analysis using eight fungal species belonging to three taxa (Ascomycetes, Basidiomycetes and Glomeromycota). We identified variable numbers of spliceosomal proteins in the fungal species. From the small nuclear ribonucleoproteins (snRNPs), all the snRNP proteins were identified. In non-snRNPs, only some subgroups were found extensively conserved in all fungal species, including PRP19 complex proteins, catalytic step II and late-acting proteins. In hnRNPs, variable numbers of proteins were identified. The number of spliceosomal proteins identified in filamentous fungi was higher than in yeast. Our collection of these spliceosomal proteins provides further insight into pre-mRNA splicing in fungi.

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