Trypillia Mega-sites and European Prehistory: 4100-3400 BCE

Müller, Johannes, Rassmann, Knut and Videiko, Mykhailo (2015) Trypillia Mega-sites and European Prehistory: 4100-3400 BCE Themes in Contemporary Archaeology, 2 . EAA, London. ISBN 1910526029

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Ignored for many years, the archaeology of the Tripillia/Tripolye sites found in modern Ukraine and Moldova can make important contributions to a discussion of scale and settlement nucleation in prehistoric Eurasia and to the interpretation of how such massive agglomerations may have functioned. The Tripillia group of over 30 �mega-sites' cover areas of over 100 ha in some cases, while the largest (Talljanky, at 340ha) is as large as the Early Bronze Age Near Eastern city at Uruk. These are the largest settlements in 4th millennium Europe. This volume assesses the role of the Tripillia mega-sites in the debate over urban origins; and sets the mega-sites in a comparative framework of urban origins in Europe and the Aegean.

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