Seismic hazard of active faults in the Alboran Sea inferred from submarine paleosismology

Gràcia, E., Bartolome, R., Perea , H., Moreno , X., Gómez de la Peña, L., Ranero, C. R., Lo Iacono, C., Martínez-Loriente, S., Diez, S., Masana, E. and Dañobeitia, J. (2014) Seismic hazard of active faults in the Alboran Sea inferred from submarine paleosismology [Paper] In: 2ª Reunión Ibérica sobre Fallas Activas y Paleosismología, 22 - 24. October 2014, Lorca, Spain.

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During the last ten years we have carried out successive marine geological and geophysical cruises in the Alboran Sea, where present-day crustal deformation is driven mainly by the NW-SE convergence (4.5-5.6 mm/yr) between the African and Eurasian plates. We present an overview of selected active faults recently characterized in the Alboran Sea. The dataset, from very high-resolution to deep penetration, has been acquired in the frame of national (IMPULS, EVENT and SHAKE) and European projects (WESTMED and TOPOMED-GASSIS). We will mainly focus in a) the southern marine termination of the Eastern Betic Shear Zone, the left-lateral Carboneras Fault; b) the extensional features in the Adra region and southern continuation to the Al-Idrissi fault; and c) the largest structure, the dextral Yusuf fault, lithospheric boundary between crustal domains. Our main goal is to characterize the shallow and crustal structure of these active faults in order to evaluate their seismic potential, which may represent a significant earthquake and potential tsunami hazard for the coasts of Western Europe and North Africa.

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