SLC23A1 polymorphism rs6596473 in the vitamin C transporter SVCT1 is associated with aggressive periodontitis

de Jong, Thijs M. H., Jochens, Arne, Jockel-Schneider, Yvonne, Harks, Inga, Dommisch, Henrik, Graetz, Christian, Flachsbart, Friederike, Staufenbiel, Ingmar, Eberhard, Joerg, Folwaczny, Mathias, Noack, Barbara, Meyle, Joerg, Eickholz, Peter, Gieger, Christian, Grallert, Harald, Lieb, Wolfgang, Franke, Andre, Nebel, Almut, Schreiber, Stefan, Doerfer, Christof, Jepsen, Soren, Bruckmann, Corinna, van der Velden, Ubele, Loos, Bruno G. and Schaefer, Arne S. (2014) SLC23A1 polymorphism rs6596473 in the vitamin C transporter SVCT1 is associated with aggressive periodontitis Journal of Clinical Periodontology, 41 (6). pp. 531-540.

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Aim Identification of variants within genes SLC23A1 and SLC23A2 coding for vitamin C transporter proteins associated with aggressive (AgP) and chronic periodontitis (CP). Material and Methods Employment of three independent case-control samples of AgP (I. 283 cases, 979 controls; II. 417 cases, 1912 controls; III. 164 cases, 357 controls) and one sample of CP (1359 cases, 1296 controls). Results Stage 1: Among the tested single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), the rare allele (RA) of rs6596473 in SLC23A1 showed nominal significant association with AgP (p=0.026, odds ratio [OR] 1.26, and a highly similar minor allele frequency between different control panels. Stage 2: rs6596473 showed no significant association with AgP in the replication with the German and Dutch case-control samples. After pooling the German AgP populations (674 cases, 2891 controls) to significantly increase the statistical power (SP=0.81), rs6596473 RA showed significant association with AgP prior to and upon adjustment with the covariates smoking and gender with p(adj)=0.005, OR=1.35. Stage 3: RA of rs6596473 showed no significant association with severe CP. Conclusion SNP rs6596473 of SLC23A1 is suggested to be associated with AgP. These results add to previous reports that vitamin C plays a role in the pathogenesis of periodontitis.

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