Nanocomposites of vapour phase deposited Teflon AF containing Ni clusters

Biswas, A., Marton, Z., Kanzow, J., Kruse, J., Zaporojtchenko, V., Strunskus, T., Czank, M. and Faupel, F. (2003) Nanocomposites of vapour phase deposited Teflon AF containing Ni clusters Interfacial Effects and Novel Properties of Nanomaterials. Solid State Phenomena . Trans Tech Publications Ltd, Zurich-Uetikon, pp. 285-294. ISBN 1012-03943-908450-80-2

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Two component nanocomposites of polymer containing 3d transition metal clusters are of immense interest because of their potential future applications in magnetic high frequency or data storage media, in particular: However, nanoscale engineering of such airstable 3d clusters protected in polymer layers is a major technological challenge, given the readily reactive nature of such nanoparticles. In this invited paper, we introduce relatively simple vapour phase deposition as a powerful solvent free technique to prepare polymer nanocomposites containing 3d transition metal clusters. The different vapour phase production routes investigated show that the technique lends itself to the formation of metallic clusters of the appropriate size while reactions of the reactive Ni atoms with the growing Teflon AF matrix, contrary to common belief, do not take place. In addition to other results, a promising route of vapour phase tandem evaporation to produce nanoclusters of reactive Ni protected between the capping layers of Teflon AF is particularly presented. Independent control over homogeneously distributed particle size ( similar to 3 - 10 nm) is discussed, while increasing a cluster volume filling from similar to 1 to 20 % by following co-deposition to many sequential thermal evaporation of the two components. TEM electron diffraction investigations have shown that crystal structure of such nanoclusters to be fee, confirming the bulk Ni crystal parameters.

Document Type: Book chapter
Keywords: nanocomposites vapor phase deposition nanoclusters transmission electron microscopy magnetic-properties optical properties thin-films nanoparticles polymers silver
Research affiliation: Kiel University
Date Deposited: 24 Jan 2012 06:33
Last Modified: 08 Oct 2012 10:34

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