Facile Routes to Th(IV), U(IV), and Np(IV) Phosphites and Phosphates

Villa, E. M., Wang, S., Alekseev, E. V., Depmeier, W. and Albrecht-Schmitt, T. E. (2011) Facile Routes to Th(IV), U(IV), and Np(IV) Phosphites and Phosphates European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry (25). pp. 3749-3754. DOI 10.1002/ejic.201100464.

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Three actinide(IV) phosphites and a Np(IV) phosphate, An(IV)(HPO(3))(2)(H(2)O)(2) (An = Th, U, Np) and Cs[Np(H(1.5)PO(4))(PO(4))](2), respectively, were synthesized using mild hydrothermal conditions. The first three phases are isotypic and were obtained using similar reaction conditions. Cs[Np(H(1.5)PO(4))(PO(4))](2) was synthesized using an analogous method to that of Np(HPO(3))(2)(H(2)O)(2). However, this fourth phase is quite different in comparison to the other phases in both composition and structure. The structure of Cs[Np(H(1.5)PO(4))(PO(4))](2) is constructed from double layers of neptunium(IV) phosphate with caesium cations in the interlayer region. In contrast, An(HPO(3))(2)(H(2)O)(2) (An = Th, U, Np) form dense 3D networks. The actinide contraction is detected in variety of metrics obtained from single-crystal X-ray diffraction data. Changes in the oxidation state of the neptunium starting materials yield different products.

Document Type: Article
Keywords: Radiochemistry Actinides Hydrothermal synthesis Neptunium Uranium Thorium transuranium elements hydrothermal syntheses proposed surrogates absorption-spectra uranium phosphites crystal-structure solid-solutions leaching tests acid solution neptunium
Research affiliation: Kiel University
DOI etc.: 10.1002/ejic.201100464
ISSN: 1434-1948
Date Deposited: 15 Dec 2011 05:18
Last Modified: 08 Oct 2012 09:27
URI: http://eprints.uni-kiel.de/id/eprint/15658

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