Some roots of the SFB 354 theme: Impact of natural disasters on society: Acahualinca and Nejapa

Schmincke, Hans-Ulrich (2012) Some roots of the SFB 354 theme: Impact of natural disasters on society: Acahualinca and Nejapa [Talk] In: The Lübeck Retreat, Collaborative Research SFB 574 Volatiles and Fluids in Subduction Zones: Climate Feedback and Trigger Mechanisms for Natural Disasters, 23.-25.05.2012, Lübeck.

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Nicaragua is a textbook region under constant siege by a wide range of natural hazards. Some
historic disasters, such as the aftermath of the 1972 earthquake that destroyed Managua, trigger
major revolutions. Moreover, the capital city has been built on the products of numerous Holocene
volcanic eruptions. Ceramics found during SFB work below and above the deposits of Nejapa maar
located in western Managua, date the eruption as between ca. 1.2 and 0.6 ka BP. A recurrence of the
semiphreatomagmatic Nejapa eruption at this site or at one of the numerous neighboring vents along
the Nejapa-Miraflores alignment would present a major volcanic hazard to Managua. We interpret the
world famous footprints at Acahualinca located within the city as reflecting escape by a group of some
15 people from an ongoing eruption at Masaya crater at ca. 2.1 ka BP seeking refuge at the shore of
nearby lake Managua.
Rausch J, Schmincke HU (2010) Nejapa Tephra: The youngest (c. 1 ka BP) highly explosive hydroclastic basaltic eruption in
western Managua (Nicaragua). J Volcanol Geotherm Res 192: 159-177
Schmincke HU, Kutterolf S, Perez W, Rausch J, Freundt A, Strauch W (2009) Walking through volcanic mud: the 2,100-yearold
Acahualinca footprints (Nicaragua) I: Stratigraphy, lithology, volcanology and age of the Acahualinca section. Bull Volcanol
71: 479-493 DOI 10.1007/s00445-008-0235-9
Schmincke HU, Rausch J, Kutterolf S, Freundt A (2009) Walking through volcanic mud: the 2,100 year-old Acahualinca
footprints (Nicaragua) II. The Acahualinca people, environmental conditions and motivation. Int J Earth Sci, DOI

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